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Kids Instructor Course 2016

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Kids Instructor Course 2016

On of the most challenging missions and we are really proud of is teaching our kids. We are a family school using martial arts as a tool to help them achieve their goals. Eventually, some of them will be champions on the mats.

The teaching methods are always evolving and we try to bring the best instructors to share their knowledge with us.

Prof. Leão Teixeira has one of the most successful kids program in Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Prof. His school is open for over 25 years. Prof Rodrigo Antunes make regular visits at his school while in Brazil and brings Prof. Teixeira every year to share his teaching skills for our Paragon Instructors.

This time, Prof. Joe Harris, Coach Carlos Mega, Coach Tim Davis (HBJJ) Craig Chelius, Ryan Chisholm and John Craig were invited to participate in this 7-hour training course where we could revise our Kids Curriculum and share some ideas to improve our program.

Thanks Prof. Teixeira for come by and look forward for your next visit.