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New time for Friday night class – 5:30pm

NEW TIME FOR FRIDAYS! Don’t forget! Classes are now 5:30pm.

Black Belt Promotion – Art Rivas

Tonight, Professor Rodrigo Antunes, along with Professor Ricardo Franjinha Miller, promoted our student Arthur Rivas to the rank of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 1st degree. Master Caruso was also presented at the ceremony. Professor Rivas taught at our old location in Thousand Oaks and now he has his own in school in Las Vegas….

Coral (Black & Red) Belt at Paragon Agoura Hills

We are honored to have Master Paulo Caruso, one of the most talented and respected fighters of his generation, at our school. Caruso is also known for his work as a coach, developing the ground games of Olympic judo athletes such as Flávio Canto (who earned his jiu jitsu black belt under Master Paulo) and Rafaela…

Yelp Review – Greg Marsh

“I joined Paragon BJJ Agoura earlier this year. I could not be more impressed and delighted with the academy, its head instructor (Rodrigo), and his assistant instructors. Rodrigo’s BJJ pedigree and instructional knowledge and abilities are amazing, only surpassed by his unbelievable charisma and passion for the school and students.  Following Rodrigo’s lead, more advanced…

Wonder Women is not a fiction. Meet the REAL ONES

Wonder Women is not a fiction. Those women are REAL – hard workers, moms, daughters, sisters, students, beautiful inside and outside. Thanks for attending our 3-day workshop on Self Defense and we hope you got valuable tools / skills to face any obstacles and threats you may find in this crazy world. If anyone is…

Kids Summer Camp – Aug 7th to 11th 2017 – Registration is OPEN

One of the best weeks of the year is about to start. Our Kids Summer Camp will occur from August 7th to 11th from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Our camp is structured with 2 hours on the mats with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Yoga instruction and then we will spend the day outdoors: beach, pools,…

4th July Schedule

During 4th of July week, our school encourage our instructors and staff to take a break and spend time with their families. Its really important to balance and re-energize our batteries for the summer classes. Check out our schedule below  

Movie Night & Dinner – Adutls – Gracie History – June 23rd

Let’s get together for a movie night about the history of BJJ at our school followed by a grpup dinner at Yamato Restaurant. It’s recommended for adults. Family members, friends and significant other are welcome! Friday – June 23rd – 6:30pm      

Master Paulo Caruso (Coral Belt) teaching at Paragon Agoura Hills

We are proud to announce Master Paulo Caruso will be with us for a month during the summer sharing his 40 years of martial arts and teaching some classes. Master Caruso, 1996 Worlds Medallist,  is considered one of the most techical fighters of all time and coach of 2004 Olympic Bronze Judo Medalist Flavio Canto….

June 2017 – Newsletter

  SCHEDULE Check out our most updated schedule at our website.   SUMMER SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP If you want to get start during the summer, we are offering a try-out for $99 for the month of June or July when you buy a Paragon Kimono. No commitment, no contracts, just come and train.   SUMMER…