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We absolutely love Paragon!! My son is 8 and my daughter is 7 and they are having so much fun! They are learning about respect, confidence and how to defend themselves. They look forward to every class. Professor Rodrigo is so great with the kids and keeps them entertained while learning. I definitely recommend it for all kids! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Professor Rodrigo exceeded my expectations!

Shannon H.

Paragon has been great for my whole family. I have 2 little boys, a 3 and a 5 year old and they absolutely LOVE going to Paragon!! The professor Rodrigo is amazing with the kids and my boys get so excited to see him every class. Along with jujitsu Rodrigo also teaches them about the importance of respect, self discipline and healthy living habits. My husband also goes to Paragon BJJ and is completely hooked. Being in there has been so good for him both physically and mentally. I feel so fortunate to have found this place and I definitely recommend Paragon to everyone I talk to!

Jenny H.

I joined Paragon BJJ of Thousand Oaks three months ago. I had trained previously at several schools but it isn’t until now that I feel I have found my Jiu Jitsu home. Professor Rodrigo sets a great tone for every class and you can always expect a killer workout. The atmosphere is fun and you won’t find egos here. Great competition, a great group of guys and girls and an excellent facility. Can’t recommend it highly enough. I look forward to every class. Forget your conventional gym where you train on a machine and just become one instead by joining Paragon Thousand Oaks!

Luca B.

Great team and great instruction! After training at my last gym for 7 years, I recently moved to the area and had to find a new place to train. I checked out a few of the other gyms but here is what I love about Paragon:

Team: This is a great group of men and women who are all focused on the goal of growing in Jiu Jitsu. Some people compete and some don’t but there is never pressure to enter a tournament unless you want to. If you decide that competing is one of your goals, the whole team lines up behind you to help get you ready.

Instructor: Rodrigo will greet you at the door with a big smile and his enthusiasm for Jiu Jitsu and his students is undeniable. He is great about breaking down each technique so that everyone understands and then checks on each student to make sure they are doing it right and helping you to fix the smallest details. His technical skills are great and he will ensure that you build a solid foundation that will give you the skills and confidence to grow your game for years to come.

Training: The hour and a half classes are great. You’ll get a solid sweat going after the warm ups, followed by 30-40 minutes of technique and drilling, and then finish with 30-40 minutes of sparring. The sparring rounds are great as there is a wide range of technical levels and body types so you will be challenged in a bunch of different ways. The training is hard but everyone is careful to try to avoid injuries and people are always willing to explain the techniques they just used on you (no secret moves!)

Paragon Network: This is something that is new to me as I was previously part of a standalone gym. The head of Paragon, Franjinha, makes regular appearances at our classes and actively encourages all the students to head out to other Paragon schools (Venture, SB, Glendale, Hollywood, etc.) to cross train. It’s like having a free mini competition network at your fingertips because you’ll expand your training partners and see how your skills stack up against new people.

Seminars: Rodrigo is committed to bringing in some of the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the game to expose us to new techniques and philosophies. With guys like Jorge Pereira, Clark Gracie, Jeff Glover, and Tim Monteiro coming to share their knowledge, you will have the opportunity to train with some of the best in the world.

This is a super friendly place to train for all ages and experience levels that offers all that you could need for both adults and kids. I highly recommend it.

Scott M.

Paragon BJJ is a local treasure! My son started this year and loves it. It’s helped his self-control, self-esteem, and is just a lot of fun. Smiles at every class. The instructors are friendly and very positive. The facility is clean and parking is easy.

Gail L.

Coming from a mom who once was skeptical years ago about Jiu Jitsu I am so impressed with Paragon BJJ and the entire Jiu Jitsu family/community. I have seen so many amazing transformations in both adults and kids. It’s a great bundled package! Exercise, mind and body strength, learning to defend yourself ,bully proofing, respect for one another, trust in one another, failure and encouragement. Paragon Thousand Oaks (Newbury Park) offers everything I mentioned above plus specific training for wrestlers, competitive Jiu Jitsu training and yoga. We are very lucky that Rodrigo Antunes left Brazil to come teach here at Paragon! The monthly fees beat out local BJJ academies and the gym is very clean.

K. V.

This is a real local treasure in Thousand Oaks. You have several great trainers who have accomplished quite a bit in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling . They are tough enough to reach elite levels yet they are intelligent enough to really be able to help their students progress as quickly as the student is capable based on time the student spends.


I’ve trained one on one and have progressed quickly. It isn’t about getting the next belt, it’s about a growing sense of capability sunder standing of the surprisingly complex world of Jiu jitsu.


My three children also attend BJJ classes at paragon and have enjoyed it very much. Highly recommend this T.O. gem of a gym!

Ricardo R.

Awesome school! Very friendly instructor and training partners. Professor Rodrigo Antunes makes every class entertaining with his humor and his jiu jitsu knowledge is extremely technical. I loved the school so much my wife signed up! Sign up now!

Jason C.

I’ve been doing martial arts for about 22 years. I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Boxed, fought muay thai kickboxing, but it was Jiu Jitsu that truly captured me. Sensei Rodrigo is a fantastic instructor and pushes me and all of the other students to train hard and achieve our potential as Jiu Jitsu artists. Paragon is an excellent family of schools and I have formed bonds here that truly mean a lot.

Jon R.

As a female training in a male dominated martial art, I was a little intimated to start attending classes and learn the art of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. After attending classes for a couple of months at another Paragon school, I started cross training the brand new Paragon school which was opened by 4th degree black belt, Professor Antunes. Not only is he an expert in the sport, he’s also incredibly friendly, hardworking, and an inspiration to anyone on the journey to receive their black belt. Professor Antunes will push you to the limit, and sometimes further because he knows everyone has what it takes to reach their potential.


Overall, I really enjoy every class I attend and love my Paragon family! So what are you waiting for LADIES!?! SIGN UP!!! 🙂

Marissa R.